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“Mom’s Medicare days are up, what do I do now?”

You’ve just received the dreaded call.  The lady at the rehabilitation facility said, “Mom’s last covered Medicare day is in two days from now.  If she stays here, it’s going to be $310 a day”.  You did quick math and realized that’s over $9,000 a month!  She’s going to go broke fast if she's paying those kinds of rates.  You thought about keeping her at your home, but you aren’t a caregiver and you have a full time job anyway.  She can’t go back to her home.  What do you do?

Fortunately, we’ve helped hundreds of families - just like yours - protect everything Mom spent her life saving and still get her the care she needs.  Forget everything you think you know about Medicaid, because it is achievable and it is for Mom - even if she has too much money.  That’s why we prepared this informative guide on the steps you need to take now!

Our clients - people just like YOU - have saved millions upon millions of dollars from medical expenses, taxes, lawsuits, fraud, elder abuse, and more!

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The Family First Firm has handled hundreds and hundreds of complex Medicaid cases. We have the experience to give you the results you need

"Highly recommend this firm! They are extremely knowledgeable in the Medicaid planning field and were a great help in navigating the enigma that is Medicaid. You will instantly feel like you’re in great hands. "

Dayana B.

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"My wife had a very bad stroke and could not get out of bed. I was faced with paying eight thousand a month to a nursing home when I called Family First. I will be forever grateful to them for all their efforts in getting Medicaid to accept her.  "

Caspar W.

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Five Critical Steps to Take when Mom’s Medicare Runs Out

Download this free guide and you’ll learn how to ensure that you protect Mom’s legacy.  You’ll learn how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars while getting Mom the care she needs.  When you download our FREE guide, you’ll learn:

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  • That despite everything you’ve heard, Medicaid is available for most people - not just those in poverty

  • How to get Medicaid even when Mom is over the income limit

  • The different ways you can protect Mom’s nest egg

  • How to deal with the requests for information you’re sure to get from the Medicaid offices

  • And much more

If you don’t act now, Mom will go broke paying for nursing home care.  Her legacy will be squandered.  This isn’t meant to scare you.  It’s just the sad reality of the situation.  We see many people go broke in nursing homes every year.  By acting now, you can take charge and protect Mom and her life’s savings.

Don’t wait for things to get worse.  Don’t waste another dollar paying for private care. Download the FREE guide now!